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The #1 Web3 Omega Wallet

A secure blockchain wallet that supports Aptos, SUI, EVM-based and acts as your portal to the Web3 world.


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All-in-one Platform

Omega is a web3 wallet that unlocks a universe of applications in Aptos, SUI and EVM-based Blockchain.

Easy to read Activity History

Keep track of your activity with an easy-to-follow transaction history

Send Tokens & NFTs

Send & receive Tokens directly in your wallet with 1 click

Manage your NFT collection

Safely store your favorite NFTs, check floor prices, set an NFT profile picture and more

Connect to dapps

Omega Wallet is the easiest way to safely connect to dapps. Take your account, data and tokens from app to app seamlessly.

Quick and Easy Swaps

Take advantage of the built-in swap function that allows you to swap assets across chains - without leaving the wallet.

Multiple Blockchains

Liquality connects you with your preferred blockchains - no need to have a different wallet for each chain.

The wallet you can trust

We built the wallet from the ground up and open sourced from Day One.

Omega Wallet

Zero Trust Architecture

We designed the whole product following the zero trust principle, assuming everything is unreliable and securing your wallet from the beginning

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    You and only you are in control of your assets. Your keys, your crypto.

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    Tracking nothing

    We value your privacy and will never track or store any of your personal or financial information.

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    Provide Web3

    Omega also provides web3 connection for dApps builders to integrate with Aptos, SUI & EVM based ecosystem in a handy way.

We are open source. Build with us.

Build with us and contribute to the future of apps built for Blockchain.