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When making requests to Omega Wallet in Establishing a Connection, Sending a Transaction, or Signing a Message, Omega Wallet may respond with an error. The following is a list of all possible error codes and their meanings.

10010000AN_ERROR_OCCURREDAn error occurred
10010001LOGIN_REJECTUser rejected login request
10010002SIGN_REJECTUser rejected sign transaction request
10010003PERSONAL_SIGN_REJECTUser rejected the personal sign request
10010004DISCONNECT_REJECTUser rejected disconnect
10010005CONNECT_REJECTUser rejected connect
10010006GET_PROVIDER_FAILEDFailed to get provider
10010007GET_NETWORKS_FAILEDFailed to get networks
10010008GET_NETWORK_FAILEDFailed to get network
10010009GET_ACCOUNTS_FAILEDFailed to get accounts
10010010GET_ACCOUNT_FAILEDFailed to get account
100100011CONNECT_FAILEDFailed to connect wallet
100100012DISCONNECT_FAILEDFailed to disconnect wallet
100100013SIGN_FAILEDFailed to sign transaction
100100014PERSONAL_SIGN_FAILEDFailed to sign message
100100015GET_BALANCE_FAILEDFailed to get balance
100100016GET_BALANCE_FAILEDFailed to get balances
100100017GET_ASSET_FAILEDFailed to get asset
100100031PROVIDER_NOT_FOUNDFailed to get provider (blockchain type)
100100032INVALID_PARAMETERSInvalid parameters

Typically, these errors will be easily parsable and have both a code and an explanation. For example:

try {
} catch (err) {
// {code: 10010001, message: 'User rejected login request'}